Monday, 21 May 2012

Recent Activities and Progression

I realise that that blog post is over due but for good reason.

Firstly my project has been changed from a Waterfall Development Project to a Agile Development Project. This change was done because of the way that the code has been made. Me and William are currently sharing code and splitting the parts appropriately. While i have done more research than coding i am currently doing more coding than research because of my research in finding how my design can be implemented.

In my research i have found that to do the my implementation of being a go between between the video conferencing program and the kinect (or webcam), i need to implement a filter system. The filter uses the Windows SDK DirectDraw methods to hook into the webcam stream and modify the stream on the fly. This is exactly how i wanted to do this project but have had quite a few speed bumps along the way. First of which was finding out how to modify a webcam stream, since OpenCV is unable to do this an alternate route had to be found. This is where i found the filter method, while very promising there are very few open source examples of this type of implementation, not to mention that installing the Windows SDK was a more than a little hassle but will not go into that in the blog.

Currently i am re-evaluating my design with the filter method and find out how to use the Direct Draw methods in the SDK to be able to change the webcam streams, and doing more coding.

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