Wednesday, 19 September 2012

2D caricature Animation using the kinect

Recently i was informed about the new changes to the Kinect SDK and have seen that they have tutorials that show facial feature detection. I have used these to create a simple (using the kinect sample as a base) program which creates a 2d caricature that animates according to the users face. Below is a picture of me using this. I am also trying to add a 3rd screen that will create a 3d mesh that moves much in the same way as the 2d caricature. (This code has been added to the svn)

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Update: faceoverlay

This is a new library that i have found that exists in the gst-plugins-bad set of plugins that uses OpenCV along with gstreamer to locate the face and overlay an image. At the moment i have not got this completely integrated because the library needs a dependencies which i have not been able to locate

Update: v4l2loopback

This is a loopback device that can act as a webcam for any program that can access a webcam. Essentially it takes in an input and that same input is its output for a program like Skype or Windows messenger. This essentially means that i can modify the input from a "real" camera with an overlay and transmit that to the v4l2loopback device which then Skype uses.

If i have time after the first prototype, i will try to integrate this with my prototype and possible show a live demonstration.


Lack of Blog Updates

I apologise for the lack of updates on this blog. Essentially i am in a coding phase. So at the present time i am just coding and am trying to put forward a prototype to show at the next meeting.

There is an update on my environment however. I have changed my coding environment from windows to linux for the sole reason that it is easier to install and use libraries.