Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Facial Recognition Implementation

With the previous posts on the 2 different ways of facial tracking there arises 3 different ways to implement facial tracking into this project

  1. Using AAM Tracking for Facial Recognition
  2. Using HAAR for Facial Recognition
  3. Using Both AAM and HAAR

The third option arose from my research on my discovery of this paper "Fast AAM Face Recognition with Combined Haar Classi ers and Skin Color Segmentation", written by various authors. It explains that since the AAM tracking is quite sensitive to the initial starting position of the model and image, it is possible to using HAAR classifiers to give the starting positions of the model and image, which would then filter to the AAM algorithm.

The implementation will be discussed with William Qi before any implementation is done due to how we are co-operating with the code.



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